Child Recovering From Cancer Hugs Her Father After Two Months in Quarantine

COVID-19 hasn't only been affecting those who were infected, but also those who normally rely on hospital workers. Mila Sneddon, a 4-year-old girl diagnosed with leukemia, was finally able to embrace her father for the first time in almost two months. Scott had been there for his daughter before while she underwent chemotherapy, but after the virus hit, he was forced to stay away. 

Since Scott had to go in public for work, he was a huge health risk to his daughter. For two months he moved out of his home, communicating with his daughter only through open windows and long distances. Their Scottish home was too high a risk, but after learning that he would not be continuing work, he and his daughter could finally put an end date to their quarantines. 

Mila was cared for solely by her mother Lynda during these uncertain times. He surprised the little girl by entering their home one day like everything was completely normal. Mila was skeptical for a second, but then Scott bent down and asked Mila if he could give her a hug, and from there, it was happily ever after. Her story was covered by local Scottish news and beloved across the nation. 

Coronavirus numbers continue to spike, as there is currently a reported 3.7 million cases and at least 264,584 deaths from the virus. In the US alone, about 3,500 children are diagnosed with leukemia every year, and even more so across the globe. Mila certainly has a tough fight to win, but with her dad by her side, there's nothing she can't do!

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