Child Heart Transplant Patient Sings With Her Favorite Broadway Star

A little girl from South Florida, at only 12 years old, is on the long list of patients awaiting a heart transplant. This young hopeful is staying positive while she waits for her turn, and is incredibly optimistic that she can find a match in time to save her life for good. Until that day comes, however, one of her wildest dreams came true. Little Tatiana Caicedo got to sing live with one of her favorite Broadway stars!

The Sunshine Concert Series was created during coronavirus as a platform that would let children perform. Tatiana was joined by Broadway performer Laura Benanti. The child has been enrolled in music therapy ever since she was brought to the hospital, and it's made the transition much easier on her. Her therapist says it can help her ease the stress and anxiety surrounding her procedures. 

"When I sing or when I play the ukulele or play the piano, I listen to it, I feel makes me not feel so cranky or sad," said Tatiana.

Tatiana's condition has existed throughout her life. From the day she was born, her family knew she would have to be brave to get through it. Luckily, they say Tatiana is a very resilient little girl. Although she's been working hard, she suffered a heart failure in January. Thanks to a new procedure though, the doctors at Jackson Health managed to help her out as well as get her to the top of the transplant list. 

Thanks to the daring procedure, Tatiana is happy and able to live at home with her family while she awaits a new heart. Despite dying only minutes after birth, Tatiana has been a brave soldier ever since. The little girl is stronger than most of us, and can serve as inspiration during these trying times. 

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