Child Cries During "Black Is King" And Gets A Call From Beyoncé

Beyoncé released her stunning visual titled Black Is King on Disney+, and fans around the world have been awed by the work. One fan in particular couldn't keep her love for the Queen together, and broke down sobbing while watching the piece. The visual, accompanied by her musical rendeitions of her 2019 album The Lion King: The Gift, is filled with gorgeous representations of black men and women while also highlighting artists of color. 

A woman named Tina Lawson filmed her niece in an Instagram video, and the aunt later shared it with the world. The girl is pictured sobbing as she watches Beyoncé's moving film dedicated to people of color. "It's so beautiful," she says, crying throughout the video.  "She is beautiful and so is this" read Lawson's caption. Clearly, this little girl was moved by the representation, and Queen Bey wanted to reach out to her. 

Though the interaction was not recorded, Lawson later took to Twitter to tell the world that Bey had reached out to their family. "She just wanted to personally thank my niece for such a beautiful reaction to her love letter to Africa. She also wanted to tell her how gorgeous she is and tell her quote 'you are my gift,'" recalled Ms. Lawson. It was an amazing reaction to their reactions!

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