Chicago Couple Gives Back After Covid Cancels Their Wedding

The pandemic might have cancelled their wedding, but this Chicago couple is still down to raise some spirits. Though they were scheduled to be married next weekend, the coronavirus made their plans impossible. Instead of spending their cash on wedding day expenses, the couple wanted to spend the day giving back to delivery men and women who have been at such a high risk throughout the year and especially around the holidays. 

Bradley Carter and Brittney Peters had already purchased individually wrapped snacks and goodies for guests, but they gave these treats to delivery workers in their Chicago neighborhood.

"We knew gifts were going to be getting sent to the house with the bridal shower and the wedding, and we knew it was going be a lot and we were going order things for the wedding," Brittney told one news outlet. "So I knew we were going to have to do something!"

Brad captured the kind deeds with a collection of TikTok videos. The deliverers' reactions were all joyful and quickly garnered millions of views and tons of likes. For these lovebirds though, it's all about doing good. 

"It's just letting people know that we appreciate them," said Brittney "Just a little love because you don't know people's lives and the kind of day they had."

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