Celebrities Call To Shut Down Wild Animal Markets

The wild animal market has been linked to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic becauase the Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan, China sells live and slaughtered wild animals. Most wet markets in Asia specialize in produce, fresh meat, and seafood. The disease has been traced back to trafficked bats or pangolins from Wuhan's market where it jumped from the live animals to humans, traveling zoonotically through the country at a rapid pace.

Countless celebrities have released statements urging to end wild animal market on the grounds of cruelty and safety. Dr. Jane Goodall feels our disregard for nature has led to the cause of this pandemic. Actor Ricky Gervais says the markets have to be stopped immediately before more deadly pathogens emerge. Leonardo DiCaprio, active wildlife supporter, is urging the government to make some kind of move and push to close to the markets for good.

Whether or not these measures will be taken is up to the Chinese government and other local authorities where wildlife markets are run. The downturn in the economy is the driving force behind the hesitation, though China has already started the process of banning the sale of wild animals. It will ultimately protect eco systems and overall global health if the decision to outlaw these markets is passed.

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