Cats Recover From Coronavirus Quicker Than Humans, According to New Research

If you've ever worried about your beloved feline catching COVID-19, have no fear. For some reason that researchers still can't fully explain, cats have shown the ability to recover from the virus way faster than humans. Thanks to a team of scientific researchers at Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, studies have shown that the rate of recovery for furry friends only takes about 2 to 3 days until they're back to their normal selves. 

Not only do cats recover quickly, but they also possess more antibodies for the virus than do humans. After testing 130 samples from cats in both homes and shelters where people have been infected with the virus, it was concluded that not only do they have a higher healing rate and more antibodies, but they are also less likely to spread the virus. The delicate intricacies of why these animals have such life-saving qualities is still being studied by the teams. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ferrets, fruit bats and hamsters have all been recorded as primary sources of COVID-19 spreading to other animals. Cats can spread the virus, even larger cats like tigers. Though the outbreak began with a bat, it has spread to mink farms, domesticated animals, zoo creatures, and more. One step into the litterbox might mean a way to save people for future infections, outbreaks, and viruses like the coronavirus. 

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