Carrot the Cat is the Perfect Social Distancing Pal According to Ellen

Erin Merryn and her daughters Claire, Hannah, and Abby have been staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic, but they're anything but bored with their snuggly kitten Carrot to entertain them all day. After adopting Carrot last summer, Merryn has documented their lives on Carrot's Instagram account and she's taken the pet world by storm. She even caught the eye of Ellen DeGeneres, who supports both Carrot's silly antics and Merryn's "Erin's Law" initiative, which educates people on child abuse and how to put a stop to it.

Carrot loves to be dressed up, walked on a leash, pushed in a stroller, and included in all of the girls' fun and games while stuck inside. The Instagram page is full of Carrot placed in funny scenes, such as sitting patiently at a desk while they play school, strapped in to a baby highchair for lunch, or even wrapped in a towel for a spa day. Merryn has assured her followers that Carrot really does love all the hands-on attention, which is why they in return love her so much. The girls wanted a kitten that would play with them like they play with each other, and that is certainly what they got. 

Not only is Carrot's page cute and entertaining, but it's also educational. Merryn shares parenting hacks for how to deal with small children during a pandemic lockin, pet advice, and shares resources regarding Erin's Law. She hopes to educate parents on children on the importance of protecting the world from child abuse through Carrot's lens, so the tough information is presented in a way that is easier for kids to understand. She has published two books, "Bailey an Extraordinary Cat," about her previous cat, and "Diary of the Cat Named Carrot."

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