Brooks Family YMCA to Reopen This Morning

Although the majority of the country still feels like it should remain at a halt, the Brooks Family YMCA believes that they can begin to usher in the new era of change for community facilities...

The Brooks Family YMCA in Charlottesville, VA closed its doors on May 17th due to overwhelming safety concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19. The community institution has been acting as a resource for families in need. They were offering boxes of food, clean water, and PPE before an internal coronavirus scare encouraged them to shut their doors and wait out the storm. 

Currently, they're ecstatic that they can return to serving their community and spearheading the path for change that is to come for community organizations. Although nationally, the vast majority of YMCA facilities are still closed due to the increased spread of COVID-19, this particular location believes that they have what it takes to give being open a shot. 

Since the shutdown, members and staff of the Brooks Family YMCA have been meeting via zoom to try and plan out a future for the branch.

They listened to their community's demands and they plan to maintain a standardized sanitization routine that meets the criteria set forward by the community as well as the CDC. 

Employees will be regularly cleaning the fitness equipment, locker rooms, child care areas, visitor areas, office spaces, and classrooms on a regimented schedule. On top of that, employees are asking the members of the YMCA to sanitize areas that they used after they use them to further prevent the spread. 

With the efforts of employees and community members, this facility plans to remain COVID-19-free and has vowed to shut back down and evaluate once more if any cases of the virus pop up. 

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