Barbers Run Local Restaurant After Staff Gets COVID

When COVID-19 ravaged one Jersey City restaurant, it was clear that closing down for good became a very real possibility. Würstbar, a local eatery, had lost all their staff overnight, so Virile Barber Shop swooped in to help take the orders. The restaurant had posted on Instagram about their unfortunate state of affairs saying "No, we are not randomly closed for ‘renovations! We, unfortunately, had an exposure to COVID-19 at Würstbar." It wasn't long until the neighborhood decided to get involved. 

"The weather is too nice out to let our neighbors at Würstbar stay closed!"  posted Virile Barber Shop owner Andre Fersa on the business page. "I’ve taken over the bar and am selling PRETZELS, beer, wine, and cider for outdoor seating only. Come on by and support this great staff."

The shop even offered to stay on as volunteers until the staff could be safely tested and treated and back to work. It was an act of extreme kindness in the community. 

After every staff member was cleared to get back behind the bar and in front of the tables, the people at Würstbar made a heartfelt post about how hard it is to stay afloat during such strange and difficult times.  “Let’s not forget barbershops and salons were hit just as hard as restaurants during the shutdown," they wrote on Instagram. "With so many people home from the office and big events not happening it’s easy to skip a cut here and there."

Remember, when things seem their würst, you can find some of the best people!

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