Baby Fox Covered In Grease Rescued on Railroad Tracks

Recently, a hunter in southern Pennsylvania discovered an animal he was unwilling to kill...a baby fox covered in grease on a railroad track. Ronald Sensenig and his wife were on their way to fish when they saw the ailing animal. 

"When we walked upon her, she was extremely weak, heavily panting, she looked like she was right next to death’s door," said Sensenig. "She was covered in all that tarry greasy stuff that was there on the tracks. Instantly, our hearts just shattered. My wife started crying. I fought back tears."

Ronald has claimed that he'll never go trapping again after witnessing the sight. Thankfully, he likely saved the life of the poor animal. He and his wife took the creature to Raven Ridge Wildlife Center in Washington Boro, PA. Currently, the fox is receiving IV fluids, pain medicine, and antibiotics. She is estimated to only be about 6 to 8 weeks old and lucky to be alive. 

The little fox has to be tube-fed currently, as she is not eating on her own. She also has to be cleaned by a wildlife professional, Tracie Young, so that she doesn't ingest more grease from her coat.

"She’s been crying a lot," said founder and director Tracie Young. "I know she's afraid and doesn’t know what’s going on."

Hopefully, though, this infant creature is going to recover and be back in her natural habitat soon thanks to the people who saved her. 

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