Austin, TX Approves Greener Transportation Initiative

Austin, Texas has just voted 'yes' on a public transit revolution. The city has invested a $7 billion plan that hopes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cut down on traffic congestions. This will be completed by adding a new and improved variety of unique transportation options and infrastructure. Soon, this fast-growing city will be moving even faster with their 31 new trains stops, four high-speed bus routes, neighborhood shuttle services, park and ride areas, and more. 

With this new law, the city's infrastructure is getting completely remodeled and updated. Hopefully, the loyal citizens will be more inclined to tuck away their cars and opt for the rail and bus systems. 

"There were three main arguments that were made," said Austin Mayor Steve Adler in a statement. "One was congestion. One was climate change. One was mobility equity in our city."

Planning for the new city will begin on January 1st. The program will also add cycling and walking lanes, which is budgeted at about $450 million. This includes everything like pedestrian bridges, bike lanes, sidewalks, and urban parks. 

"Austin is a very car-oriented and car-dependent city," said Adam Greenfield, an Austin community advocate. "More and more people, and more and more leaders, are realizing that we actually need transportation choices."

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