Atlanta Zoo Welcomes Newborn Endangered Vulture

Zoo Atlanta is happy to welcome a new baby vulture to the state of Georgia! 

For the last eight years, the zoo has been hoping to breed the endangered lappet-faced vultures to produce children. Their vultures, named Anubis, 16, and Amana, 18, are finally parents! After nearly a decade of eggs that turned out to be infertile, this is a huge milestone in the protection of these rare birds. 

"The birth of an endangered species is always an occasion for celebration, but this hatching represents a particular success for Zoo Atlanta," said the vice president of collections and conservation at the Georgia zoo, Jennifer Mickelberg, Ph.D., "This is also a testament to the enormous commitment of our Bird Team, who have worked over a period of many years to provide opportunities and innovations to help this pair flourish."

Guests cannot visit the new hatchling quite yet, but curious zoogoers can see the baby in a Facebook or Instagram post from time to time. Until then, zoo officials are helping the parents build their nest a bit bigger as well as hopefully encourage them to produce another successful egg. The newborn chick they have though is reported to be happy, healthy, and thriving. 

Welcome to parenthood!

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