Athlete Carries Disabled Woman Up Mountain to Finish Her Bucket List

A Greek athlete made his mark recently by carrying a disabled friend to the peak of Mount Olympus with him. Carrying her on his back, Marios Giannakou, a long-distance runner has always taken on new challenges. He once hiked over 168 miles, crossing the Al Marmoum Desert, as well as once taking the first place spot in a 93-mile cross-country race in Antarctica. He's already climbed the mountain over 50 different times.

The athlete became close with 22-year-old biology student Eleftheria Tosiou. She expressed to him that she had always wanted to see it for herself. Giannakou was eager to help her achieve her dreams. 

"For me, all international races, the medals and the distinctions so far, mean little compared to that goal," he told the Global Reporter. It took over 10 hours, but they finally got there. 

The pair climbed with a piggy-back style and a lot of breaks to adjust for rising altitudes and rest. Tosiou was securely harnessed on Giannako's back in a specially designed backpack. They didn't go alone either, they brought with them an eight-member support team. They climbed the grueling peak of Olympus, Mount Mytikas, and the view from the top was everything Tosiou could have ever wanted. Her bucket list was finally fulfilled.

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