Animal Shelters See Influx of Pets Over Holiday Weekend

After re-opening Tuesday since closing for the holiday weekend, the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter said they have a huge intake of pets who ran away or got out due to fear of fireworks. Their Facebook page is full of photos of pets that likely got out thanks to the loud celebrations, hoping distraught owners will see the page and claim their pet.

Animal adovate Deb Sporcich explained why it's so important to take care of your pet during fireworks or thunderstorms.

"People that might have held onto your animals over the weekend might still be bringing them in, check social media because there is a lot of websites out there for missing pets of the Tri-Cities and call your microchip company because a lot of people don't have that information up to date," explained Sporcich.

The shelter said the high intake of pets over this holiday isn't unusual, but can be prevented. Most shelters are also busy with kittens right now seeing as many cats give birth during this time.

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