41 States Reduced Their Carbon Footprint While Bettering Their Economy

During the coronavirus pandemic, many people have worried whether or not the economy will get back on track. Well, according to a new report, it's more than possible to reduce carbon emissions while increasing gross domestic product. Almost every state in the nation has unconsciously done this after investing in renewable energy sources, upgrading technology, bettering the efficiency of lighting and appliances, shifting away from coal, and more.  

The states that saw the highest decrease in their carbon emissions while still turning up the economic return were Maryland (38%), New Hampshire (37%), the District of Columbia (33%), Maine (33%), and Alaska (29%). Massachusetts and New York were able to cut their carbon emissions down by 25%. However, they still managed to grow their GDP by 26%, proving that it is possible even in the busiest of cities and states.

Not every state succeeded in the move to a better tomorrow though. Louisiana, Texas, Washington, Arkansas, Mississippi, South Dakota, North Dakota, Idaho, and Nebraska all failed to reduce their carbon footprint. Hopefully the rest of the states can make up for the loss, as the US  is "second only to China in total clean energy investments."

As we have all learned during such strange times, it's not easy being green, but it certainly is possible.

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